Thick Board #15: The Moria Complex with Maximilian Pichl

I talk to researcher Maximilian Pichl about his study The Moria Complex - Irresponsibility, incompetence and disenfranchisement five years after the EU-Turkey agreement and the introduction of the hotspot system. The study itself is 22 pages long and is well written.

In this text I also explain how time was bought five years ago with the EU-Turkey deal, but unfortunately not used and here I declarewhy the German plans for a European asylum and migration pact failed and why negotiations are currently stalled.

You can find more info from the camp itself and also from those involved on Instagram moria2_karatepa or on Twitter at Moria Media Team.

The treatment of minorities and refugees is also a measure of how societies defend their self-imposed standards of human dignity, human rights and the rule of law.

Maximilian Pichl, law and political scientist at the University of Frankfurt am Main