News from Afghanistan

Due to the current developments in Afghanistan, by mid-October 2021, in addition to the „News from the Borders“ has prepared a daily press review on the most important events in the country itself, but also on the people who are trying to flee from there.

10/14/2021: I talk to T-Online and Watson about the Kabul airlift and the current situation in Afghanistan +++ Commemoration is no substitute for coming to terms with the past +++ A gay man tells of threats from the Taliban

  • In an interview with T-Online I said that it was right to thank the soldiers of the Bundeswehr for their deployment. But I also warn against forgetting the vulnerable people in Afghanistan now that the mission is over.
  • I was allowed to talk to Watson about ithow we are currently working on the Kabul airlift, and why the international community must become more involved in Afghanistan and not repeat its old mistakes.  
  • With the Taliban coming to power, the LGBTQ community in Afghanistan is living in fear. A 25-year-old gay man from Afghanistan explains that the Taliban openly threaten to throw gay men off tall buildings. You can watch the 80-second video at RND.

13.10.2021: Great taps in Berlin +++ Bremen:in demand country admission +++ EU wants to support Afghanistan with one billion € 

  • The EU announced at the G-20 summit, she would support Afghanistan with one billion euros. Merkel reiterated that Germany would provide 600 million euros to support the people of Afghanistan. It was stressed that the money is not a form of recognition of the Taliban.

12.10.2021: Alliance of researchers calls for more threatened Afghan women to be admitted +++ G20 special summit +++ Joe Biden's interpreter manages to escape 

  • Joe Biden's former interpreter, Aman Chalili, managed to escape from Afghanistan by land – after a desperate call for help. In 2008, he was part of a small strike force that rescued Biden and his companions after their helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing in remote territory because of a snowstorm. Chalili's family had tried in vain to flee Kabul on an evacuation flight after the Taliban took power.
  • The economy has collapsed, every third person suffers from hunger and many people are on the run. Now, energy expert Alias Wardak explains.that the power supply, and thus the infrastructure, could also collapse (paywall). 

11.10.2021: Art project aims to help Afghan family reach Europe +++ Former local forces live in fear of Taliban +++ Private airline banned from flying to Pakistan 

  • Masoud Azami was a local worker in Afghanistan. He has been hiding in Kabul for weeks, afraid for himself and his children.  The taz tells his story.
  • Numerous people have been killed in an attack in Kunduz province. A report with the background can be found at
  • Despite great dangers, women in Afghanistan do not want to give up their dream of an equal life. How women insist on their rights, t-online has written down here.

08.10.2021: Bamf exerts pressure on Afghans to be put in a worse position +++ Female judges go into hiding +++ 200 local staff are flown out 

  • Afghan local workers and their families are admitted to Germany via section 22 of the Residence Act. Apparently, however, the Bamf is putting pressure on the people to apply for asylum anyway, which would leave them in a worse position. A video was leaked to Pro-Asyl, you'll find it here.
  • In view of the scheduled review process, the opposition has criticized Defense Minister Kramp-Karrenbauer's plans. Read more about the background on n-tv.

7.10.2021: Kabul airlift evacuates 13 people +++ 300 people could be flown out of Kabul by charter flight +++ Resettlement Forum in Brussels 

  • Yesterday, the Kabul air bridge was able to pick up eleven German citizens and two people with German residence permits from #Afghanistan evacuate to Pakistan, including 9 children. They were brought to Islamabad with a chartered plane and will be flown on to Frankfurt from there. 

I also report regularly on Kabul airlift on Twitter 

  • Today the High Level EU Resettlement Forum on Afghanistan took place in Brussels. At the invitation of Commissioner Ylva Johansson, decision-makers from the European Union are meeting to discuss admissions from Afghanistan. Amnesty International has made clear demands to the conference, you can find them here.
  • Under the rule of the Taliban, the mood in the capital Kabul has also changed drastically. What it feels like to live in the city is described by the former deputy director of the news channel TOLONews. You can find the article in Newsweek (English).

6.10.2021: Taliban murder members of the Hazara minority +++ Taliban want to issue passports again +++ Humanitarian cash payments are not yet recognition of the Taliban

  • The Taliban have given a Report of the human rights organization Amnesty International The Taliban have committed a war crime in the killing of 13 members of the Hazara minority. In the Afghan province of Daikundi, nine security forces of the deposed Afghan government were executed without trial by Taliban fighters, despite having surrendered. 

5.10.2021: Taliban summon former local forces to court and threaten them +++ Interior Ministry continues to delay taking in vulnerable people +++ German Afghanistan mission cost €17.3 billion 

  • In an open letter, NGOs had asked the Ministry of the Interior for help for threatened Afghans. The response: a collection of text modules. The Ministry of the Interior, led by Seehofer, is obviously not very interested in saving people. taz reports.  

4.10.2021: Local forces threatened with homelessness in Germany +++ Attack in front of mosque in Kabul +++ Kramp-Karrenbauer receives rejection from almost all parliamentary groups

  • The police station in police district number 10, in Kabul. „This police station was financed with public money from the Federal Republic of Germany“, is written in German in capital letters on a sign. However, the Taliban police officers here cannot say anything more about this, the station was built about 18 years ago, when most of them were still children. was on patrol with the Taliban police.
  • In a remote mountainous region, the Taliban's rule has dramatic consequences: The most powerful ethnic group, the Pashtuns, are taking homes from their Shiite neighbors. It could be a harbinger of ethnic cleansing. Der Spiegel was on the scene (paywall).

10/1/2021: Taliban break up protest of six women with warning shots +++ Greek government closes off to Afghans +++ Taliban abolish press freedom 

  • The Taliban are abolishing freedom of the press. At a meeting with journalists in Kabul in late September, the Taliban's Ministry of Information and Culture distributed media regulations whose provisions are so broad and vague that they effectively ban any critical reporting on the Taliban.

30.09.2021: German authorities delay family reunification +++ G20 countries plan special gig +++ German Foreign Office now to evacuate local forces via Pakistan 

  • German authorities delay and prevent according to research by Panorama the right to family reunification of refugees. In this country alone, according to the Foreign Office, more than 4000 people from Afghanistan have been on the waiting list for an appointment for up to two years in order to be able to submit their documents at all. Because of the filibustering, they are now under Taliban rule. 
  • The pictures from Kabul have been gloomy since the Taliban came to power, even if something like everyday life is back. Life in Afghanistan is changing.Zeit Online has put together 16 current photos from Afghanistan that you can look at. watch here can

09/29/2021Taliban rule increasingly Islamist and misogynistic +++ DW journalist arrives in Germany +++ Luxembourg grants protection status to almost all Afghan asylum seekers 

  • For some Afghan business owners, flight is out of the question because they don't want to leave their female employees alone with the Taliban. The taz reports.

Sep 28, 2021: Kabul airlift continues to work to save people +++ Ghani distances himself from pro-Taliban Facebook post +++ International court does not investigate US soldiers 

27.09.2021: Taliban call for resumption of international flights in Kabul +++ Washington Post analyzes why security force buildup failed +++ The last Jew leaves Kabul 

  • Building Afghanistan's national security forces has been one of the most ambitious and expensive projects in the two decades that NATO has been active in Afghanistan. The Washington Post analyzes why this project failed and the country fell to the Taliban with almost no military resistance. 
  • The "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan", which the Taliban proclaimed once again, was never abolished from their point of view. And the Taliban had never completely lost support among the population either. In this 19-minute feature, the Deutschlandfunk attempts to to explain where the support for the Taliban in parts of the population comes from

09/24/2021: Taliban want to reintroduce executions and hand amputations +++ German Foreign Office continues not to communicate with relatives of people left behind in Afghanistan +++ Hunger in refugee camps

  • Two children in Germany continue to wait for their mother to finally be allowed to leave the country. But so far they have only received automated answers from the Foreign Office. WDR reports.

23.09.2021: "Cologne Declaration" criticizes EU refugees +++ 30 documented cases of pushbacks on Balkan route in August +++ Mounted U.S. Border Patrol agents chase refugees from Haiti

  • The green member of the Bundestag Margarete Bause writes in an Guest article for the Frankfurter Rundschauthat one in three people in Afghanistan is starving and that the country urgently needs help. Furthermore, the EU and Germany also have an obligation to show solidarity and must not shirk their responsibility to continue taking in refugees.
  • Fawzia Saidzada has been fighting for women's rights in Afghanistan for years. Now her enemies are in power. Her place of residence is being watched, one of her brothers has already been beaten up. The Süddeutsche Zeitung visited them in Kabul.

22.09.2021: Taliban push for UN recognition +++ Taliban still not accepting women into interim government +++ Desperation of local forces left behind grows

21.09.2021: Man deported to Afghanistan killed +++ Federal government continues to delay rescue and doesn't even know how many local forces need rescuing +++ Study proves: Taliban have not become more "moderate" 

20.09.2021: Taliban exclude girls from higher education +++ Journalist:s ask international community for help +++ Rescue of local forces continues to be delayed

  • The Taliban have excluded girls and women from secondary schools. A statement on the upcoming start of school stresses that only male teachers and students should return to secondary school classes. Time Online reports.

17.09.2021: Dissent podcast on Kabul airlift +++ EU Parliament calls for rapid resumption of evacuations from Afghanistan +++ Annalena Baerbock calls for consistent halt to deportations to Afghanistan

  • We MEPs have voted by a large majority in favour of resuming evacuations from Afghanistan as soon as possible. Deutschlandfunk reports. You can read the text adopted by Parliament read here.
  • Annalena Baerbock spoke out yesterday in favour of a consistent stop to deportations to Afghanistan. She said: "The deportations to Afghanistan must be stopped and suspended. People who live here cannot be in the uncertainty [...] that they fear that at some point they will have to go to a country where the Taliban are in the government. That's why I'm in favour of a consistent ban on deportations; You can watch the whole ZDF show Klartext here.
  • Due to several cases of measles, the US government is not allowing people flown out of Afghanistan to enter the country at Ramstein for the time being. Medical personnel at the Ramstein base have now begun vaccinating thousands. Spiegel Online reports.

16.09.2021: Afghan banks run out of money +++ EU Commission provides additional €100 million for Afghanistan +++ People report how their evacuation is delayed and prevented

  • For two weeks, a thousand people have been stuck in the northern Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif, although several planes are waiting for them to leave. They are failing due to bureaucracy - while the fear of the Taliban is growing. Der Spiegel spoke to one of them (paywall).
  • For seven years, Wahid was on duty for the German Armed Forces and was considered one of the best translators. Now he fears for his life and won't leave his house. Although he was already at the airport, they just didn't want to save him. Spiegel TV visited him and shot this 5-minute film with him.
  • Disguised in burqas, Afghan women footballers from the national U teams smuggle themselves into Pakistan at the risk of their lives. Other plans were previously foiled by a bomb explosion. Sports lessons for women and girls have already been banned by the Taliban in Afghanistan. ntv reports on their escape.

15.09.2021: German government continues to delay the rescue of people +++ Thousands demonstrate against the Taliban in Kandahar +++ EU foreign policy chief wants to talk to the Taliban 

  • I spoke to T-Online about the Kabul airlift. And also about how the German government made false promises and dragged out the rescue of people. Six people who were on Foreign Office lists are already dead, several have been kidnapped or have been served death sentences. 
  • In the European Commission's draft action plan on the Taliban takeover, it was elaborated that an agreement to facilitate deportations to Afghanistan would be suspended. However, the action plan encourages the continued deportation of Afghans from EU countries to third countries. Statewatch took a closer look at the draft action plan here.

14.09.2021: UN pledges $1.2 billion for Afghanistan +++ Interior Ministry puts 2600 people on its lists +++ Afghan women protest against forced veiling

  • At the first UN donor conference after the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan a total of 1.2 billion US dollars has been pledged for humanitarian purposes. The sum includes emergency aid for the suffering population as well as development aid and support for neighbouring countries that are taking in refugees. The Federal Government is contributing the equivalent of 100 million euros to the emergency aid.

13.09.2021: UN warns of economic collapse +++ Universities introduce strict gender segregation +++ Thousands of Afghan refugees wait in Ramstein for onward travel to the USA 

  • A 16-year-old from Berlin wants to get his family out of Afghanistan. But without a recognized refugee status, he, like most other Afghan refugees in Germany, has no right to bring his family here – even though he is a minor. The RBB visited him and describes the situation.

10.09.2021: Six people killed on German evacuation lists +++ Plane takes 110 people from Kabul to Doha +++ Greens call for rescue of Afghan journalists  

  • At least six people on German evacuation lists have been executed in Afghanistan. People have been practically prevented from being rescued, although it has been publicly claimed that they should be evacuated. I was talking to Watson about it.