Europe Brunch on right-wing extremism with Erik Marquardt and Natascha Strobl on January 27, 2024

January 27 is a day of remembrance for the victims of National Socialism, and we would therefore like to dedicate this event to this important occasion. 

At a time when right-wing extremists are meeting to draw up joint "remigration plans", there is a need for a clear stance against the right and a collective reminder of the lessons of the Second World War. What is the significance of the guiding principle „Never again“, and how can we understand it in the context of an ever-increasing shift to the right? What significance and impact does this have on the migration and asylum debates?

I, Erik Marquardt, am the spokesperson of the Greens/EFA group for the issues of refugees, migration and human rights. In my role as shadow rapporteur and co-negotiator of the European Asylum Pact (EAS), I will give you an insight into my experiences during the negotiations on the Pact. We will also analyze how the dominance of right-wing narratives in the debate on migration and asylum has influenced the course of these negotiations.

For this, we have invited Natascha Strobl. A respected political scientist and expert on right-wing extremism, Natascha will guide us through her analysis of radicalized conservatism, as detailed in her book of the same name. Together we will examine the methods and strategies she describes in the current political landscape and focus on how the lessons of the Second World War reinforce their relevance in current political events. 

Together, Natascha and I will shed light on how decisively this radicalization of supposed conservatives contributes to a reduction of rights for people seeking protection. 

We look forward to entering into a stimulating exchange with you.


Kin Za, KrausnickstraÃe 23, 10115 Berlin

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10 – 12 a.m. 

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