War in Europe – what you can do now

We want to bring together those who have to flee from Putin's terror with people, organizations and initiatives in solidarity. At the Homepage of LeaveNoOneBehind you can register and learn what you can do. 

There are many ways, depending on how you want to help and what your capacities are: You can donate, you can volunteer, your environment inform or register your charity directly on the homepage. 

We don't know how long the war in Ukraine will last, but we do know that it is already causing unimaginable suffering. LeaveNoOneBehind will of course keep you informed on the Running about what to do with the donations happens. 

In the coming weeks, thousands of refugees will reach Germany and other European countries, and Ukraine will also need a lot of humanitarian aid. There are many ways to get actively involved: When arriving, with translations, visits to authorities, sponsorships or offering rooms and apartments. In order to give you an overview of the different possibilities, you can present yourselves and your offers of help at the Homepage enter

We also want to support organizations and initiatives that are involved in the Ukraine crisis and connect them with people who show solidarity. If you know an organization or are part of one that offers help and support to the people in Ukraine, please register it at the Homepage.