Thick board #3: Ricarda, Jamila and politics

I talk with Ricarda Lang and Jamila Schäfer from the federal executive of the Greens about why we went into politics, how long we are actually seen as "young politicians" and how we assess the current situation of the SPD.

"I am concerned to get away from the idea that when you join a party, you sign everything that anyone in that party has ever said, and this idea prevents in the long run a big organization where many people with different issues come together.

– Ricarda Lang, deputy chairwoman of Bündnis 90/ die Grünen, spokeswoman on women's policy

„There is a blatant fear among some that the SPD will choose a more left-wing profile, and there is an equation of a more left-wing profile of the SPD with instability in the country.&#8220

– Jamila Schäfer, Deputy Chairwoman of Bündnis 90/ die Grünen, European and International Coordinator

„I myself had a sceptical attitude towards parties for a long time, because I thought they were strange clubs where it was all about winning something in elections.“

– Erik Marquardt

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