Thick Board #4: FDP, Greens and European Migration Policy

In this episode, I talk to Moritz Körner (FDP), Member of the European Parliament, about differences between the Bundestag and the European Parliament, similarities between the Greens and the FDP in migration policy and receptions on Brussels roof terraces.

When cries for more money came from the UNHCR for help, Europe and Germany did nothing, and then the people set off because the situation in the refugee camps was at some point very bad.

Moritz Körner (FDP), Member of the European Parliament

The fact that we are deporting to Afghanistan has nothing to do with the fact that the situation in Afghanistan has improved; on the contrary, the number of civilian victims there is increasing every year.

Erik Marquardt (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen), MEP

This episode is a crossover with Moritz Körner's podcast Europe, we need to talk!

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