Thick board #9: The EU and its finances with Rasmus Andresen

This episode is about money. A lot of money. €1.8 trillion over the next six years to be precise. I talk to my Green colleague Rasmus Andresen about one of the most important issues facing the EU: finances, and in particular the EU's medium-term financial framework.

Rasmus explains what it is, how it works and why few politicians actually deal with finance in detail.

We explain what the role of the European Parliament is, why the member states find it difficult to reach agreement and who the "stingy four" in the EU actually are. We also talk about why we think it makes sense that the allocation of EU funds should also be tied to criteria such as the rule of law.

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"Rich people can afford a weak state. Poorer people can much less."

Rasmus Andresen, Spokesperson for Financial Policy of Bündnis90/die Grünen in the European Parliament