Planned migration deal with Lebanon is "unworthy money suitcase policy"

I criticized the European Commission's planned migration agreement with Lebanon on DW. With such deals, the EU is making itself vulnerable to blackmail from unreliable partners.

Furthermore, the situation for refugees in Lebanon is extremely difficult. We should ensure that refugees there are better integrated and also facilitate resettlement to Europe. Human dignity must be at the heart of our cooperation.

Click here for the DW article.

Deutschlandfunk interview on the European asylum reform

Before the final vote on the reform of the Common European Asylum System, I explained to Deutschlandfunk radio why the European Greens will vote against most parts of the reform. The reform will not improve the organization of migration, but in practice will create more bureaucracy and more suffering for those affected and will not tackle the causes of flight. Why we need new approaches and a change of course, you can listen here.

NDR Info: Warehouses are not a solution

In an interview with NDR, I criticized the fact that mass camps at the external borders do not solve any problems and why we cannot wipe away the complex challenges with simple answers. Above all, the reform will create a bureaucratic monster and hardly improve the situation in the municipalities or the chaos at the external borders. Here you can listen to the interview.

Deutschlandfunk interview: Cooperation with right-wing extremists has no place in a democracy

Following the Correctiv revelation that AfD politicians are already planning mass deportations together with other right-wing extremists, I spoke to Deutschlandfunk radio about the rise of right-wing extremism in Germany. It was also about the populism of conservative parties and the fact that we need to find our way back to a democratic culture of debate. Click here’for the interview.