Pushbacks in Spain: ECtHR gives a judgement that is far removed from reality

The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has ruled that the deportation of two refugees without asylum proceedings was lawful. Hardly anyone had expected this ruling, as the Small Chamber of the ECtHR had ruled completely differently in 2017. The Grand Chamber of the ECtHR claims in the reasons for the judgment that there are legal alternatives to violent, illegal border crossing, which exist in …

Freedom for Salam Aldeen in Greece!

My friend Salam Aldeen was arrested in Lesvos on 11 December. According to the authorities, he is a danger to public safety. In the process, he has helped thousands of refugees on Lesbos. The fact that he has now been arrested again is a clear attack on humanitarian aid for refugees.With over 60 MEPs, we have signed an open letter …

Study proves: Migration to Europe independent of sea rescue

In its study "Sea Rescue NGOs: a Pull Factor of Irregular Migration?", the "Migration Policy Center" comes to the conclusion that people do not climb onto rubber dinghies in the Mediterranean because rescue ships are on the way there. This confirms the findings of previous studies, such as Death by Rescue. And Border Deaths in the Mediterranean. The study now available has …

Inhumane conditions at Croatia's external EU border

At the beginning of August, I visited the Bosnian town of Bihać on the EU's external border and saw conditions there that are absolutely inhumane. The place has become a bottleneck for those seeking protection, because they cannot get anywhere from here. In Bihać, you see homeless protection seekers everywhere on the streets because there is not enough space in the shelters.

„Scaling Fences“: Migration to Europe scientifically investigated

Earlier this week, the UN published a study entitled "Scaling Fences". Around 3,000 people from 43 African countries who have come to Europe in recent years were interviewed for the study. What is special about the study is that it is not about people who cite war and persecution as the reason for fleeing, but about those who left their homeland in search of a better life but had no legal means of entry.